Agh my urine burns!!!

23 Jan 2018

Agh my urine burns!!!

Well, one of the most common symptoms in a Urology outdoors is burning urination. The variation in severity can be so diverse as to render a patient subjected to harrowing line of investigations, needed or not.

First come first
Symptom by symptom

  • Only burning in urination without any difference noted in frequency and stream of urination is often not due to any serious disease of the urinary system.
  • Burning per se scares patients away because it can indicate a urinary tract infection, but most healthy patients may feel burning often without any cause to blame.
  • What is more important is to rule out any obvious serious diseases especially in the elderly population which nowadays are afflicted with Diabetes & High Blood Pressure amongst others.
  • Serious symptoms that are associated with burning are severe burning, bad enough to prevent one from doing day to day activities. Any feeling of high grade fever, pain in the back or the loin, inability to pass urine and frank bleeding in urine.
    These symptoms and in Diabetics especially can herald serious infection. These merit urgent attention and array of investigations including Urinalysis, Ultrasonography and Blood counts and may need admission.
  • Other milder variants may still be infection especially in post menopausal patients who get prone to UTI. This may be because of altered host defenses owing to reduced hormonal values.

But most and I can vouch to say 80% of any urological practice are harmless “burning” and are mostly because of stress related unusual predisposition with the feeling of passing urine, undue attention to drinking water because of anticipated benefit of gulping a lot of water.

In males, they technically might be Chronic prostatitis or smoldering infection of the prostate gland because of prostatic congestion and inflammation. They are mostly obstinate inflammations, non serious and very rarely may affect a person’s quality of life.

On other circumstances the feeling may be just a remnant of past infection and now healing.

Very rarely they might be a very early sign of Bladder Cancer

In females burning with lower abdominal pain may be Painful Bladder Syndrome or Interstitial; Cystitis which has protracted course and multi level treatment including Oral medication, Bladder irrigation and Bladder injection done through cystoscopes (procedure by which bladder is utilized by miniaturized lenses per urethra).