Peyronies Disease

Peyronies Disease
12 May 2017

Peyronies Disease

Peyronies disease is one of the common, inconvenient diseases that has been compromising male sexual health since long time. The disease is characterized by a formation of a calcific plaque at the base of the penis on the dorsal side or Upper side. Often the involvement is circumferential in nature. The disease is manifest with inability to have sex or painful coitus or severe to mild curvature of penis on erection. This all may preclude erectile penis from having a successful intercourse. All this apart the pain that the plaque or ‘scar’ formation causes may be another cause of worry.
The cause speculated have been numerous from mild recurrent trauma to familial predisposition to association with many other diseases and even as a part of immune dysregulation.
The strain that the disease causes on the sexual health in late adult age understood. The condition is often understated because of the reluctance on the part of the sufferers to seek treatment or opinion.
This disease has been associated with a significant incidence of Mental Depression in all the sufferers.
The disease typically passes from a quiescent phase accompanied by an immature plaque formation which is painful and often precludes intercourse. This is followed by a phase in which the level of plaque formation has matured and the sexual insult continues. Finally the disease is characterized by a severely bent erect penis or loss of erection completely.

Often the disease is brought to notice late in the natural history. The treatment varies from oral therapies such as Vit E supplementation, Colchicine and various immunity modulators such as Tamoxifen. There is yet a search for ideal drug which can h alt the disease.
The therapy can step up to intralesional steroid injections. These are typically Hyaluronidase or Collaginase.

There are surgeries needed for the very complex cases in which the plaque is either incised or patched. These may be very severe curvatures or ones with very severe Erectile Dysfunction.

The summary is to seek medical care at the earliest.
The signs and symptoms include:

1. Painful erection
2. Lumps or scars in the penis
3. Curvature of the penis on erection
4. Inability to have intercourse because of pain or acute angulation of penis
5. These signs especially following trauma to the penis.