Endourology is the minimally invasive Urological discipline in which small instruments with cameras known as Telescopes with other minimally invasive instruments eg. LASER are used to treat scars, congenital narrowing like PUJ obstruction, tumours and stones all across the urogenital tract. This is also a diagnosis primary technologies to “see” what is wrong inside.

These may include diseases of prostate , bladder stones, ureteric stones, tumours strictures and kidney tumours, stones and congenital narrowings of the renal pelvis or PUJO.


This field is responsible in providing suture less treatment for diseases of the prostate, urethra- the conduit connecting bladder to the outlet and even all the way up to the kidney.

With a research of over a century, the field provides for dedicated set of apparatus for each and every pathology with minimal attendant risks.

Endourological Procedures Include

  1. Urethroscopy: for strictures or narrowings of the urethra.
  2. Cystoscopy: for checking the bladder including treatment of bladder stones, evaluation of bladder mucosa for various pathologies. Obstructing prostate tissue non amenable to medical therapy can also be removed with this approach (Transurethral Resection of Prostate or TURP).
  3. Ureteroscopy: for pathologies of the ureter connecting tube from the kidney to the bladder. These may be tumours stones or strictures.
  4. Nephroscope /Percutaneous Nephroscopy: Fluoroscopy or X Ray guided small incision tracts used to treat stones, tumors and blockages of the kidney.
  5. Flexible RIRS : Miniaturised snake like scopes which have bibreoptic scopes with CMOS technology. These can go all the way upto the kidney to treat any pathology of kidney.