Penile Reconstruction

Penile Reconstruction

Penile reconstruction involves the retsructuring of penile anatomy and curvature in cases it is affected. These conditions include Peyronies disease, Curvature without hypospadias and traumatic debilitation of the penis.

It also includes penile lengthening and enlargement.
Of all the diseases mentioned above the most common to address is the peyronies disease. The Peyronies disease is a condition where there is a calcified plaque or scar at the penile dorsal or ventral surface leading to bending and painful erection and often inability to have coitus. The plaque can be usually felt across the penile skin by the patient and it is often the hard plaque or the pain that it causes that brings it to attention. Often it is brought to notice by the partner.

Penile Reconstruction

Peyronies disease is a disturbing disease. It affects men in the age group of 40 to 70 years of age. Men suffering from the disease often do not complain and suffer in silence. The result is depression, anxiety and guilt leading to a decline in overall intimacy and relationship.

Of all causes described which include trauma to the penis during sex or connective tissue of the body overreacting because of multiple causes none is completely definitive.
It has been weakly linked to Diabetes mellitus also. The treatment is not indicated if it is not symptomatic or painful or causes curvature to prevent coitus.

The multitude of treatments are available which include initial medical therapy with drugs such as Vit E, Colchicine, Acetyl Carnitine.
All need a prolonged therapy till plaque matures and is pain free.

The treatment is qualified after conservative treatment for its success and future course of action thereafter.

The surgical treatment includes  incising and straightening the penis and plaque or excision and grafting in its place so as to provide a reliable long term solution.

The grafts may include the native human tissue from the penis or from other part of human body or may include recombinant DNA grafts.

The earlier the doctor is contacted the better is the overall sexual rehabilitation.

Please contact your doctor if you feel any of the following

  • Painful erection
  • Plaque at the base of penis
  • Lumps in the penis
  • Bending of the penis

Any of the above preventing one from having a healthy sexual relationship