Uro Oncology

Uro Oncology

Uro Oncology is that field of urology that encompasses cancer treatment, therapy and follow up. The field is not solitary in itself and needs multidimensional planning, management and screening to bring about desirable results.
The organs involved in Uro Oncology practice are the tumors of urinary bladder, prostate, kidney, testes, penis or foreskin, urethra  and the adrenals and the soft tissues surrounding them.
The disease management has taken leaps and bounds since the past two decades. This has been possible due to advancement in imaging leading to earlier diagnosis, population screening for the diseases and cutting edge treatment available for all the diseases mentioned.

These include population screening for prostate cancers leading to a virtual stage migration as in almost all disease is detected at a very early treatable stage. The cancers of kidney has also taken a field change with small cancers in first stage coming to attention before it is too late. Same hold true for adrenal diseases. All this has been possible because of advent of latest generation Ultrasound and Computed Tomography Scanners.

The treatment has evolved from conventional large open surgeries to incision-less laparoscopic and  robotic surgeries. The Robot Da Vinci Si has taken the surgeries of the above cancers to different anatomical level unparalleled till now. This has helped enhance the dexterity and reach of a human hands to microscopic depths of all corners of human body. This has seen evolution of Cancer Prostate management with almost 95 percent continence rate following surgery.
The Da Vinci Si application has seen unprecedented lateral application to other streams as well.
The surgeries of cancer bladder has seen complete robotic duplication of the open procedure and therefore a larger acceptance of a morbid procedure.

Apart from Surgical expertise and enhancements the diagnosis which has become more evolved using Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine ( PET CT) and Cyberknife and other modalities of radiotherapy.

Take care if
1. If you have blood in your urine.
2. If you are more than 50 years and if you have not screened for PSA especially if any of your relatives have had Cancer Prostate
3. If swelling, lumps in penis
4. Swelling or enlargement of testes
5. Ultrasound diagnosis of a renal cyst or mass